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Winning Wizards slot game is sure to charm you. Fantasy as a genre has entered popular culture in a big way in the last few years. You’ll find a mass of magic related slot games out there but if you’re looking for a game that is colourful enough to draw your attention yet simple enough to use then Winning Wizards is your prime candidate.

Winning Wizards slot is not bogged down with the many often intimidated features that many newer slots new come equipped with. There is no strange sorcery here; just a magnetic opportunity to win. There is no need to conjure up a massive knowledge of casino games and slot know to become involved in the Winning Wizards slot. It is straightforward.

Winning Wizards slot is an earlier offering from Microgaming. It is a five reel, the 3-row slot that comes with five fixed pay lines. As there is no auto play feature, bets can be renegotiated every after spin. The minimum bet for the Winning Wizards slot is 25p while the maximum is £25. You can choose how many pay lines you wish to enable. But be aware, this feature is not located at the bottom along will your other changeable features. Look at the bejewelled numbers on the side of the reels and click which the number of reels you wish to activate.

The symbols of the Winning Wizards slot are gilded and ornate as you would expect from any wizard worth his salt. The lower value symbols are letters J, K and Q along with the number 10 all encased in gold lettering that wouldn’t look out of place in a spell book. As we climb higher up the value scale, the symbols become more obviously in line with the wizard theme of the slot. Charms such as a red gem, a blue vial, a spell book and staff are all waiting to be aligned. The symbol of the greatest value, however, is- no surprise- the wizard himself.

Winning Wizards slot holds no bonus features. There is no wild symbol nor is there a scatter symbol. The game is solely a regular slot so if you don’t want to be confused by fancy bonus rounds and other features which often pop up and change the rules of the game, then you’ll be safe here. Its simplicity is what makes it a good choice for beginners. It is also extremely transparent about its payout schedule. You can easily find out the possible winnings for each symbol by clicking on the icon above your credits box. For a novice player, this feature is a godsend.

Although Winning Wizards slot is not equipped with the large bonus rounds and features that many other slot games have, it is still a stoic way to win credits. The design is colourful and vibrant while the simplicity of the game will ensure you never wander down the wrong path and remain in control at all times.

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