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There are such a wealth of Egyptian themed slot games out there that you may be wondering why you should give Treasure Nile a second look. Am I right? Well, how many of those other slots offer a huge progressive jackpot in addition to a host of bonus symbols? Not many. Treasure Nile can safely attest to all of these features. Microgaming has made sure that this slot leaves the rest in the sand.

Treasure Nile is an Egyptian themed slot game comprising of 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 possible pay lines. The graphics are bright and engaging with complimentary background music which when coupled together aim to transport you back in time as you spin those reels. The symbols are all thematically matched as you would expect. The higher value symbols range from the ankh to a depiction of the jackal god Anubis, followed by the Sphinx and finally the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh ruled the ancient lands with an iron fist. Here the Pharaoh is the key to your progressive jackpot win. To net this exceptional prize, you’ll have to land 5 Pharaoh symbols on payline 9 of the Treasure Nile slot. Remember, to qualify you’ll have to bet 9 coins. The current status and value of the jackpot will always be displayed in the game. Should you wish to see past winners or the current maximum progressive jackpot payout, then you can find this information on the official website.

Although the coin size for this game is fixed at 0.5, you can still choose the number of lines to enable on the slot. If at any point you wish to gain further clarification on anything from the symbol values to wild symbol rules then simply click on the view payout tab to open up a table of insights. Should you wish to access the autoplay functions, then these can be found by clicking the expert tab. Autoplay allows you to run a series of spins in quick succession for those who don’t want to play round by round or who want to do something else while still netting those wins.

Like much of Microgaming’s offerings, Treasure Nile is very user-friendly. For those who wish to enter a game that not only offers a progressive jackpot but also some regular bonus options then this is perfect. The inclusion of wild and scatter symbols ensure that even those who are not betting purely for the jackpot still have a chance of netting a win.

Wild Symbol

The pyramid is the wild symbol in Treasure Nile slot. This cannot substitute for the scatter symbol nor can it be substituted for the Pharaoh to complete a progressive jackpot win. It can, however, create its own winning combination when multiple pyramid symbols appear on an enabled pay line. It can also substitute for other symbols except those mentioned above.

Scatter Symbol

The scarab is the scatter symbol. This will create a winning scatter symbol when three or more appear on the reels.

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