Machine Gun Unicorn

Machine Gun Unicorn Logo

The Machine Gun Unicorn slot by Genesis is definitely a theme that we did not expect. Machine Gun Unicorn slot game is set in Ponyland, a lush green paradise which is inhabited by unicorns. Yes, it is home to some enchanted unicorns, but they are under attack from zombies. They now need your help to save them from the infestation of the undead. It is an interesting theme, and it is certainly something you won’t find in typical slots.

There is no way that when you see the title ‘Machine Gun Unicorn slot’ that you are going to avoid it. This action-packed slot game will provide players with something utterly different to what they are used to, and there is no doubt that you will enjoy your trip to Ponyland. Just make sure you keep out of the way of the zombies – and the Machine Gun Unicorn!

Wild Symbol

As players continue their exciting journey around Ponyland, there will be many different symbols on the reels that will create the theme of the Machine Gun Unicorn slot. There will be various emblems in the game that will help players win big with some of the larger valued icons as well as the special wild symbol appearing alongside other unicorns and zombies. The Machine Gun Unicorn symbol will act as the wild and substitute for all other symbols in the slot. The symbol will also expand to cover an entire reel and give you more chances to when on reel 3!

Both Ways to Win

As you will know from playing slot games in the past, the aim of theMachine Gun Unicorn slot game is to find matching symbols starting from the leftmost reel appearing inwards across 1 of the 10 paylines. Ten paylines may not seem a huge number, but players will be satisfied with this number when they notice the both ways to win system. This allows symbol combinations to appear from left to right as well as right to left in the Machine Gun Unicorn slot.

Bonus Symbol

As you continue to fight off zombies and stop them from taking over the Unicorn’s kingdom, you will have to step up alongside the Machine Gun Unicorn to stop them. The machine gun attached to the leader unicorn’s head is the best way to stop them. When the Machine Gun Unicorn appears in the centre of reel 3, it will open fire on all zombies that are on the reels at the same time. You’ll be gifted with a different cash prize for everyone that is destroyed!

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