LotsALoot 5 Reel

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Ever wondered what really is at the end of a rainbow? If you don’t believe that it is a pot of gold, then play the LotsALoot slot game to find out what jackpots await you. This colourful and classic Microgaming slot game sends players into a slot game world full of rainbows and pots of golden coins, with not a single leprechaun in sight to try and steal it away from you!

Although there are no leprechauns in the area, you will still need the luck of the Irish if you are to walk away from LotsALoot game rich beyond your wildest dreams. LotsALoot is one of the most retro games Microgaming has ever produced, even though there is a lack of themed background, the game is just filled with so much character and everything that you would expect from a classic online slot game. The shiny graphics and smooth animations make for an exciting and most enjoyable 5 reel, 25 payline slot game.

Wild symbol

As the luck of the Irish is one thing you want to be on your side whilst playing LotsALoot, we are glad to announce that there are some Irish themed symbols on the reels to give you all the luck you need. Things like lucky 4 leaf clovers and rainbow lucky 7s appear on the reels next to a timely classic wild symbol, which features so importantly in most classic Microgaming slots. This special symbol, covered by the LotsALoot game logo, has the unique ability to substitute for all other symbols in the game. This special symbol will also appear on all 5 reels and can appear in any position; this will give players an extra chance to win more frequent and valuable combinations across one of the 25 payline adjustable paylines.

Progressive Jackpot

We say adjustable paylines, because it is very important for players to play with the maximum amount as this will give them the chance to at winning the progressive jackpot. For players who are familiar with Progressive Jackpots, this will not be anything you haven’t seen before, but for the more inexperienced slot players, the progressive jackpot is something that is controlled by players around the world spinning the reels to this colourful game. The Progressive Jackpot is a feature that is used in older slot games, because of the lack of features; this keeps the game interesting, especially if it is at a high payout. Every time someone inserts a credit into the LotsALoot  slot game, the jackpot will increase, players can keep track of it at the top of the game and they will see it continuing to increase. The size of payout can vary and is only activated when someone lands the required symbols on the correct payline. For the LotsALoot game, the wild symbol is the triggering symbol for the progressive jackpot and when it appears 5 times on the 25th payline (with max bet played), the game will pay out a substantial amount of money to one lucky player, but will the luck of the Irish be with and will that lucky player be you?

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