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Jackpot 3×3 slot is one of the most unusual games that we’ve ever played. It follows an entirely new format, which sees players taking on nine slots at once. Do you think that you could be up to the challenge?

This departure from the norm comes from the developers over at 1×2 Gaming. We’ve seen a lot of their titles recently. They always bring something new to the table, with Jackpot 3×3 being a fantastic example of their ability to think outside the box.

It’s not often that we’re surprised by a slot. However, we’ll admit that Jackpot 3×3 had us stumped for a while. For many, it may be just a little too far from their usual game type. However, if you’re desperate to try something a bit more random, then this slot will appeal.

Jackpot 3×3 is a three reel slot, with nine reel sets. Per set, there is a single pay line. The game aims to land a match in any of the game’s nine reels sets. The more matches that you get, the higher the sum of cash that you take away will be.

There’s no denying that Jackpot 3×3 is a colourful game. It certainly grabs attention, both for its bright appearance and its distinctive format. On the reels, you’ll see a mix of different colours and shapes which make up the symbols.

Game Symbols

In the Jackpot 3×3 slot game, there is a range of different symbols. Each symbol is made up of a number which is contained inside a geometric shape. Thankfully, each number is only tied to one shape which makes things easier. Multiple numeric combinations would be difficult to track! Numbers increase in increments, starting at 1 and going all the way up to 500. By accessing the paytable, you can see the possible combinations for each row.

How to Play

To begin playing Jackpot 3×3, you’ll first have to select your bet. Thankfully, this is the straightforward part of accessing this slot. Select your coin value and hit ‘Place your bet’ when you’re happy with the size of your bet.

How to Win

As there are nine different reels on Jackpot 3×3, you may be wondering exactly how this game pays out? Don’t worry. We had the same queries. It’s not all that difficult when you get the hang of playing. During each spin, you aim to trigger a winning combination on at least 1 of the nine reel sets. You’ll be glad to know that this happens on almost every spin. However, a single win may not be enough to cover the cost of your stake. If more than 1 set contains a winning combination, you’ll win more. The maximum payout for this game is £10,000.

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