Fruit Warp

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The Fruit Warp slot is an exciting slot that is set more like one of the classic casino games with its mixture of slots and instant wins. Thunderkick is slowly but surely proving themselves in the slot game world, by continuously creating unique and extraordinary slot games. They excel in developing slot games that are different from any other games on the internet, but at the same time, these games they produce are usually even more enjoyable than additional slots.

Fruit Warp slot game is reminiscent of the phone app game, Ninja Fruit, with the fruits all being similar in the way they look and how they appear on the screen. The Fruit Warp slot game does come across as looking a little complicated but once we have explained it and you have played the only thing you will be worrying about is if you are finding enough fruit on the screen! This simple take on classic slot games will provide you with a unique experience and the astounding graphics; immense animations make this game one of the best on the internet. It may end up being one of your five a day; you’ll love it that much!

How to Play

Fruit Warp slot game is set upon a green background, with the fruits flying at you at an incredible speed. They will stop dead, and players will see if they have found a match. The objective of the game is the same as basically another slot game, but there aren’t any paylines. There will be nine fruits in the Fruit Warp slot game and players must find at least a match of 3 to win. It doesn’t matter if the fruits are right next to each other or far apart, as long as three appear players will win a prize. The size of your prize depends on which kind of fruit appears, the dragon fruit is the most rewarding fruit in the Fruit Warp slot, and players’ wagers will also determine the size of your winnings. Players can place bets from £0.10 to £100 per spin.

Bonus Round

The incredible thing about Thunderkick is, even though their overall game is unique, they still find more ways to include unique and special bonus features in their games. The Fruit Warp slot proves to be no different with no less than two bonus features in the game. There are no special bonus symbols in the Fruit Warp slot and players will activate the first bonus when 4 of the same fruits appear on the screen. When four appear, they will be held in position, and the remaining fruits will be re-spun, this will give players a chance of landing 5 or more matching fruits and activate the Fruit Mode.

Fruit Mode

It is the main bonus feature for the Fruit Warp slot game and the one that every player will want to activate. It will be triggered by landing five matching fruits on the screen. The triggering fruit that activates the bonus will be the main fruit in the bonus feature. At the bottom of the screen, players will see a progression bar and the reels will spin continuously if the triggering fruit appears. Every time a fruit appears the bar will increase and there could be the chance of landing a massive multiplier if you find consecutive triggering fruits in the re-spins!

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