Fantasini Master of Mystery™

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The magician has taken centre stage in the Fantasini Master of Mystery slot game. Fantasini is one of the most famous magicians to find his way onto the slot, summoning massive jackpot opportunities for the players. Fantasini Master of Mystery slot will put on a show for you; you may even end up with a prize payout from his work.

Fantasini Master of Mystery slot is a superbly crafted online slot game that comes from the 2016 collection of NetEnt slot games. As always, players can expect plenty of mystical and magical happenings on the reels as well as a whole lot of slot game action as players spin the reels on Fantasini Master of Mystery slot game. The graphics are spectacular, the gameplay is incredible, and the acts of the magician are mind-blowing, players are in for a treat of a show!

How to Play

Fantasini Master of Mystery slot game is exceptionally easy to start playing, as all the player must do is pick their bet. They do this by using the coin and level buttons under the reels and checking the bet before spinning. Then, players can choose to spin the reels manually or use autoplay to make them move as if by magic.

Wild Symbol

On the reels of Fantasini Master of Mystery slot, players, will see many different symbols that the magician Fantasini will use in his show. All of these props are used to create a magical event, items such as handcuffs, magic boxes, glowing orbs and playing cards will appear as well as his lovely assistant. But, Fantasini is the most powerful performer on the stage and on the reels as he acts as the wild symbol for the game. Using his power of misdirection and illusionist capabilities, the wild symbol has the unique ability to substitute for all other symbols in the Fantasini Master of Mystery slot, allowing players a better chance of potentially finding more winning combinations.

Linked Reels

For Fantasini’s next trick, players will see the Linked Reels feature in the Fantasini Master of Mystery slot game. You may have seen this feature in previous NetEnt games, and if you have, you will know how it can boost your chances of winning. As we know, a magician never reveals his secrets, but this feature will be shown to all players as they see the linked reels happening. During each spin, at least, two reels will be chained up, this can happen to any reels in the game. Each spin starts with two identical reels of symbols, during the spin the linked reels can be furthered, to become triple linked reels, quadruple linked or even quintupled. It could potentially give you three rows of matching symbols across the five reels, which will, of course, provide a massive payout!

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