Buster Hammer

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Buster Hammer slot game wants its players to spend a day at the richest and biggest circus known to man to witness the famous strongman himself as he tries his best to win you some massive cash prizes! This slot inspired casino game stands out from the crowd with its stunning visuals. Buster Hammer slot goes for a retro 3D circus theme, and the sound effects contribute to the fun feel of the game. There is a massive 243 ways to win, like in a lot of other slots, so don’t delay and dive right in.

The Buster Hammer slot game makes use of the technology now available and has a real go at standing out from your standard casino inspired slot games. Buster Hammer slot is compatible with all major device types so your desktop, tablet and mobile device will all work well with this game. Overall the game has 5 reels with 15 pay lines in total. The minimum bet is 25p, and the maximum is £50, so the flexibility is there regarding varying budgets.

Buster Hammer slot begins in the middle of a large arena where you and Buster take centre stage. The crowd is blurred which makes the player feel nervous but don’t fear as Buster is there to help you through the game and onwards to victory. If you are up to the challenge, then start the game and Buster will whack the metre on your word. Some symbols will be displayed on the reel in standard slot machine style, and the reel symbols themselves vary regarding design. These include an elephant, seal, lion, a deck of cards and even Buster himself!

Bonus Features

Buster Hammer slot game does have a variety of bonus features that enhance the overall quality of the gaming experience. The wild symbol is a hammer and is a substitute for most symbols on the reel, giving player lots of opportunities to make big wins. You will be alerted if the wild hammer activates and this can even result in a massive multiplier to your winnings. Buster will swing his hammer on the high strike metre when this happens, so watch out for multiple hammer swings as this results in multiple multipliers! Phew!

Super Seal Feature

The super seal feature in the Buster Hammer slot is an unusual bonus feature and will randomly appear and multiply your bet by 5. If the multiplier is added, then this feature also has the potential to increase your bet by 75. This bonus feature will automatically trigger, and Buster will swing his hammer at the high striker to calculate your bonus so be wary and keep an eye out!


Overall the Buster Hammer slot game is a visual stunner and makes excellent use of your computer graphics engine to provide a cohesive, smooth and enjoyable slot game experience. There is no music, just the roar of the crowd to cheer you on as you play for big wins. This is a fantastic addition to the slot universe, and we would highly recommend giving it a go. For new players try the free mode before placing stakes, although experienced players can jump right in!

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