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Keno is a game for everyone who enjoys casino games and instant win games, it is not only about the amount of money you could potentially win, it is about making it interesting and exciting to play. Sometimes that can happen from a game full of invention and unrivalled gameplay, but sometimes it can be as simple as picking a few numbers and hoping they land. Players who enjoy games such as bingo and online casino games will certainly enjoy this simple, yet very interesting online game by Microgaming. Keno is a game that has been around for generations, originating in China, the invention of the game, according to ancient tales, saved a city in a time of war. Keno is a development of the leading producers at Microgaming and although the game is very, very easy and simple to play that does not suggest that it is in any way boring, as there is a certain unpredictability about the game that keeps it fresh and interesting. Players who enjoy the possibility of insanely big wins and frequently occurring prizes will adore this uncomplicated and classic game by Microgaming.

How to Play

The game is a lottery-like game, in fact, it basically is the lottery. The game sets up with an 8×10 grid of numbers ranging from 1 all the way through to 80, which means there are 80 individual squares. The objective of the game is to select 15 numbers, and hope as many of your numbers are winning numbers during the game. Players can select any 15 numbers and the numbers also do not have to appear in order to win prizes. Once players have selected their preferred numbers, the game will begin. At the right-hand side of the game, the red ball will be fired around the panel of numbers, if it lands on one of your selected numbers it will turn red, indicating that it is a winner. 20 balls will be fired out, with the potential of 15 being winners.


This is why Keno is so interesting and fun to play, because something different can happen every time. You may choose random numbers or numbers that have a sentimental meaning to you, no matter how you pick your numbers, you will be praying that as many come out winning as possible. Naturally, the more winning numbers that appear the bigger players’ prizes will be, with a maximum of a whopping 10,000 coin jackpot waiting to be won when players find 15 winning numbers per game. You must find at least 6 winning numbers to be awarded a prize higher than your stake, but with prizes ranging from 2x your stake to 10,000x your total bet, we think Keno just might be worth the wait!


As Keno is seen as a more classic Microgaming game, the betting options are ridiculously easy to operate, and players can select bets ranging from £1 to £10 per game, obviously, the more you play with, the higher your potential return can be! For more scratch cards, check out Epic Gems or Diamond Deal.

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