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If you love playing games online, then you will be familiar with slot games, casino games and table games, however, Diamond Deal is not that type of game at all. Diamond Deal is the latest in a selection of scratch cards by games developers Gamevy, and one thing all these games have in common is they do not have any reels, cards or chips, and are instead creative instant win type games, but with a difference. Diamond Deal is a game which as the name might suggest is themed around diamonds. When you first load the game, you will be taken to a home screen where there is a graphic where you will select your stake. After each shot on the game, you will return to this screen to select your stake again. Once you have selected your stake, you will then be taken to the main screen, which is a purple stage. Sitting on that purple stage is the grid, which is 5×10 grid. Above the grid you also have lights illuminating the grid, and the grid itself has fifty sparkly blue boxes for you to select from. During the game your job will be to try to find diamonds to try win prizes, however selecting incorrectly will lose your lives and end the round.

How to Play

Diamond Deal is a picking game to try win cash amounts, with each shot lasting no more than a couple of minutes. All the action takes place in the 50 sections of the grid. On the grid, forty of the sections will have nothing hidden behind, however, ten sections have diamonds which you need to find to win cash prizes. If you select a square with no diamonds in then, you will lose one of your four lives, which are illustrated in the top right hand of the screen using lights to represent lives. If you select a diamond, however, you will win a cash amount. If you select ten diamonds before you lose all your lives, you will win the jackpot for that shot. Selecting a diamond will also reset your lives to the start.

Betting and Payouts

The first thing you need to do on the home screen is to select your stake. Players are able to bet £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 per shot.  The amount you bet will affect your potential jackpot, with the minimum bet of £1 rewarding a £9,830 prize, whereas the highest bet of £10 will reward a jackpot of £98,300. During each shot, you do not need to win the jackpot to win, each time you select a diamond the amount sitting in the “next win” box at the top of the screen will be added to your sitting prize pot. You can then choose to cash that out at any point when at risk of losing all four lives. If you enjoyed Diamond Deal then be sure to check out Keno and Epic Gems.

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