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n/an/a1 credit200 creditsNo99-100%

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is an online casino game by Microgaming, and it is calling all blackjack enthusiasts! The Microgaming favourite Vegas Strip Blackjack has just a received a killer new upgrade. For all of you who enjoyed the previous rendition of the game then prepare for an even sleeker new interface and some extra features to up your game. Microgaming has reimagined the graphics on this one making it more like the Las Vegas tables which serve as its namesake. The brightly coloured, somewhat gaudy incarnation of the table and chips which can be seen on the original version of the game is gone. The table is a more realistic light green with a wood effect and leather covering it while the chips are more rendered and detailed, giving the game an altogether more authentic look. It is not merely the graphics which have transformed.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold has now become even more interactive. Instead of subscribing to the traditional Microgaming format of choosing your bet with the ‘add’ or ‘subtract’ tabs you can now choose your coin size manually and place it on the table. This game has brought the player closer to the Las Vegas table experience. The brightly coloured chips are available to toggle through on the bottom left of the screen until you find the one you wish. Then simply click the table to set it down, all you need to then is deal to begin. Regular payouts on this game are at odds of 1:1 with BlackJack set at 3:2. Those of you who are casino experts can utilise the Auto-rebet and Quick Deal functions available on this game.

Splitting Cards

The rules on Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold are very much in line with its predecessor. A player is permitted to split two cards of the same value. The split bet placed on your second hand will be equal to your original bet. You may split a pair of aces only once. Should you then draw a card with the value of 10, then this will not count as blackjack although it will still total 21. The only way the dealer may top this is to draw blackjack by having their first card as an Ace and then a card with the value of 10. After you split an ace, you will only be dealt one more card which will automatically stand.

Doubling Down

You may double down on your first two cards only and you may also double down on a split. After you double down, you will be dealt one card only which will automatically stand.


Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold Edition offers insurance on a bet. This insurance bet is equal to half of your original betting amount and will remain independent from your regular bet. The insurance bet will only cover your initial bet- not second hands on a split or a double down. If the dealer has BlackJack, the Insurance bet pays out at odds of 2:1. Microgaming has created a wide range of Blackjack casino games, check out Baccarat and Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold.

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