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Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is the follow-up to the popular Premier Roulette game. Microgaming has pinpointed the luxury theme that so many casinos attempt to recreate. The graphics in the game create the perfect atmosphere for casino players and brings the game of roulette up to date. The Premier Roulette Diamond Edition boasts impressive graphics with a 3D twist, with a glittering roulette wheel taking pride of place. The betting green sits directly in front of this wheel, instead of at the side as is the case traditionally. The Diamond Edition part of the game comes in with the appearance of this game as it offers a more opulent theme. The main difference that seasoned players will notice between the original and the Diamond Edition is that there is no longer a split screen. Instead, the wheel and table are all housed in one screen, creating a more seamless betting experience for players with less switching around.

How to Play

It’s intuitive and straightforward for the player to make a bet in the game with the chip sizes displayed at the bottom of the screen. The player selects the size of the chip that they want to use and then can place this at various points on the table to make up their bet. When you hover over each area of the board, you’ll see a number of statistics about the possible bet. These include the minimum and maximum bets along with the odds on each of the potential bets on the table. Premier Roulette Diamond Edition players can bet on all of the traditional formations including red, black, odds, evens and so on. Each of these can be played in formation and others can be added into the mix for a more substantial bet than the individual maximum. When the bets are all set up the player can click the spin button to start or erase to clear the bets and start again.

Bonus Feature

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition separates itself from the high number of other roulette games out there by offering players a whole load of bonus features to fine tune the game. The player can customise their experience in this roulette game by changing the colour of the table so that you can pick your favourite. You can also view your statistics and betting history, which comes in handy when you want to see which bets bring you the largest return. It’s easy to double up your bet too as there’s just one button to click to double all of the chips in play. This is useful if you spend time picking a layout only to find that your bet at the end is paltry. There’s also the undo button on the screen, which you can click to take off the last chip placed, giving more flexibility and convenience over the bet. After a spin players get the option to place the same bets again so they can play their favourite formations once more. They’re also given the opportunity to double this bet if they think it proved successful the first time. Play some more online casino games including Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack and Baccarat.

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