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All over the world, there is it a least one person playing online blackjack. Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo Gold is developed by Microgaming and often is the case with the leading developers, players have been invited on yet another rewarding and very real online casino experience. Well, maybe it isn’t real, but it certainly will feel like it, as the payouts are most certainly not a fantasy and the designs in Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo Gold are all of very high quality. With Blackjack being such a popular game, it is only inevitable that there will be many other ways to play the game compared to the standard methods.

Many casinos adopt various styles of the game as it keeps it fresh and exciting for the players. The one that Microgaming is focusing on in this game is the Hi-Lo version of blackjack, which still incorporates the same priorities and objectives as any other game, just with a few added extras. Microgaming always aims to create a special environment and atmosphere when it comes to their casino games and Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo Gold will certainly not disappoint on that front, with quality graphics and incredible 3D animations, players will be enjoying beating the dealer all night long.

How to Play

Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo Gold is traditional blackjack that familiar casino players will be used to, even if you are new to these experiences, this game should not serve up any complications whatsoever. The main aim of the game, aside from the Hi-Lo section, is to get as close to 21 as possible, but making sure that your value is higher than the dealer. Players will be dealt 2 cards and to find your value, the 2 values of the cards will be added together. If players are happy with their cards and feel confident about winning, they can STICK. If players wish to receive another card that they feel will bolster their chances of winning they can HIT. Make sure you do not go over 21 though or you’ll be bust! The ACE and any 10 valued card (10, J, K, Q) will provide Blackjack, which will automatically be a victorious hand!

Hi-Lo Feature

Apart from the traditional blackjack rulings, there is also another feature which players can win money from in this game. On the table, outside of the main betting area for the main game, players will see 3 sections. The first section, the Lo section, is labelled 1-12, players can place bets on this up to £25, and the payout will be 1:1 if the first 2 cards are valued at 1-12. The middle section is simply ‘13’, players can again bet up to £25 on this section, and there will be a 10:1 if the value of 13 lands in the first 2 dealt cards. The last is Hi section, and this is the 14-21 section where players will again receive a 1:1 payout if this comes in! If you enjoyed Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo Gold, then take a look at Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack and Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold.

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