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n/an/a1 chip200 chipsn/a3:2

Blackjack players rejoice, there’s an innovative game that’s ready to shake up how you play. Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold gives you five hands at a time, basically cloning you around the table to beat the dealer. It makes your chances a lot better when it comes to winning, and you have longer to suss out the situation and the cards on the table. The Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold game is as realistic as possible with a twist on the classic game and Microgaming have outdone themselves with the features of this game. You choose your chips at the bottom of the screen before you start each round to make your bet on the game. The game is quick to start playing as it doesn’t have a lot of complicated rules or procedures, ideal for the player who prefers a shorter game. As with most Blackjack games you’ll be trying to get closer to the dealer to 21, he stays at 17 as a rule. You’ll want just to land on this number, and no more as when you go over you automatically lose your bet. A Blackjack hand wins more than just beating the dealer, so it pays to be bold in this game to get as close as possible to that magic number.

Bonus Features

Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold is a multi-hand game where you can essentially play as five gamblers at once to beat the dealer. It means that there are five decks in play at once, so there’s no card counting in this casino. The dealer will play each round with you making decisions for individual players at the table. He’ll follow European rules and players will find this style the easiest one to pick up. There’s a no peek policy in place, though, so you’ll only be able to see one hand at a time to ensure that there’s no cheating going on. In this game, you can split each hand into two separate ones when aces and certain faces appear. It can happen once per hand, so you could potentially turn your five hands into ten if you want to fiddle with the formula.

You need to know when to split in this game so only do so when you’ve got the hang of it through your beginner’s luck should still help you out. You can also double down in the Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold, and this is a feature for Blackjack players to use wisely to make the most of it. It allows you to double the stake that you have on after you’re dealt the first two cards in the deck, so if they’re looking good or if you’ve reached Blackjack already, you can raise the bar. It can rake in big wins if you bet prudently and Blackjack is a game of skill as much as it is luck. For more casino games, take a look at Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack or Vegas Strip Blackjack.

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