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Online video poker is becoming more and more regular amongst online casino players; this is due to it being a game of high skill that can be very rewarding for those who participate. The Louisiana Double Poker, created by the leading developers at Microgaming, provides players with a unique poker experience, but still incorporates all the fundamentals that make it one of the best online card games around the world. To understand Louisiana Double Poker, it is key that players have a basic understanding of how poker is played, once you have this, the cards will flip, and twists and the prizes will roll in! Microgaming is becoming more and more prominent in the online casino world, providing us with some of the most elegant and high actioned casino games on the internet. The Louisiana Double Poker is just one of many online casino games they have developed but is probably one of their most inventive creations. Poker is one of the oldest card games in history, and it is being honoured more and more on the web front, but players who can appreciate a good video poker game will not be disappointed with this latest invention by Microgaming.

How to Play

As previously stated, it is important that players have a basic understanding and knowledge of poker, or this game can get very confusing. It is played with 53 playing cards, instead of a typical 52, the extra card is the bonus card for the game. The Louisiana Double Poker game is a variation of Jacks or Better poker, and the game begins with players being dealt 5 cards. The possible winning hands can be seen at the top of the screen, and the computer will help you with any winning combinations. Players will be given 5 cards, and the computer will HOLD any cards that it feels gives you the best chance of winning from before the next set of cards are dealt. Players can go against the grain though and hold any card(s) they feel will potentially help them win the next set of cards. After all, cards are held, players must select the draw button, this will deal a new set of cards and will be your final combination of cards and any wins will be highlighted on the pay table. The size of payouts depends on which winning combination appears if any, and a number of coins you are playing with per game, Players can play between 1-5 coins and the maximum payout is a neat 2,500 coins.

Double Card

Remember the special extra card we were speaking of? Well, this is it. This card, covered by the Louisiana Double Poker symbol, will have the ability to double any winnings when it appears in the final selection of cards. However, these cards will only double any 4 card winning combinations.

Double Your Winnings

There is another way for players to double their winnings and keep on doubling them, by using the Double button. This acts sort of like a Gamble Feature we are sued to from Microgaming slots. Players will see one unturned card, and there will be 4 more unrevealed ones, to double your winnings, you must select a card that is of a higher value than the original displayed card. Winnings can repeatedly be doubled, but be careful, when you lose, you lose all winnings! If you enjoyed Louisiana Double Poker then why not check out Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold or Double Bonus Poker.

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