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As technology has become more sophisticated, so have the mechanics of the games that we play. A massive addition to online casino games is the ability to have live dealers in many games, like our Live Baccarat game. A live dealer is present in these games, beamed directly to your desktop and you interact with them as you play. They deal the cards, and you tell them what you want to do next, a real innovation regarding online gambling. Players get a more authentic Vegas atmosphere with a live dealer, and many prefer to see the cards being dealt. It gives them an extra layer of transparency and gives the experience a sociable addition. One game that you can play in this way is Live Baccarat, a table card game that’s typically associated with big bets and payouts. To begin, each player receives a hand of two cards, and the aim is to get a total of either 8 or 9. Each numbered card is worth their value and face cards are not worth anything, so this game has an element of skill and decision making involved. This version of Baccarat plays against the house, and there are rules on how each player is allowed to draw cards.

How to Play

In Live Baccarat, a natural win occurs when either the player or house has a hand totalling 8 or 9 dealt initially. If either has a value of 0-5 in their hand, then another card is drawn to get closer to the ideal score. This will be facilitated by the live dealer for the player to watch. The rules of when each player can draw other cards are numerous and depend on the value of the current hand. A 6 or 7 in the first draw will leave the player no choice but to stand and the house’s actions will depend on the number that the player draws. It is why the player’s hand is always dealt first in this game. If players don’t want to draw another card, then they can stand with the hand that they were dealt and face off against the house to see which hand gets closest to the 8 or 9.

The rules are somewhat similar to Blackjack, but can be more complicated at points. 9 is the highest value of the hand in the game. Hands that add up to more than this number will count as the right digit in the result. For example, if a player has a hand that totals 15 then their hand will be counted as a 5 for the purposes of the game. It is possible to tie in Live Baccarat if both hands equal the same number, and a payout is available to both the house and the player. A straight win in this game for the player doubles the bet to give the payout. If you enjoy casino games, why not try French Roulette or Premier Roulette.

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