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Roulette is one of the oldest casino games out there and has many different varieties to play. Some of these variations are based and named after the places in which they originated. Such is the case for French Roulette. This version of roulette features some changes from what players may be accustomed to, but these can make the game better in many ways. In this creation from Microgaming, these changes are fully integrated into the online game and offer players a new experience.

Unique Features

French Roulette is played with the same wheel and betting grid as other types of roulette but the types of bet available vary. Instead of the English words for many types of betting pattern, other French words are used. The types of preselected bets are also slightly different, and this can bring more into the mix for players who are tired of the same types of roulette game.

How to Play

French Roulette is incredibly easy to get to grips with and then it’s just a matter of selecting your bet. The games features many pre-set bets that players can use to start the game as quickly as possible. A slider selects the amount placed on each portion of the board at the top of the screen. This changes the chip size and allows players to place different sized bets on each number if they choose. Players can select large areas of the roulette board by using the larger squares at the side of the screen, which accounts for types of numbers. The language for these bets has been changed to French in this game, but there are English translations too. If you are in any doubt, then you can hover over the bet to see which squares on the board of it represents. These can be supplemented with other bets on top too, which can be picked at random by the players. Single numbers boast the best odds, but these are also the least likely to appear. Red, black, odd and even give the lowest return as these cover huge amounts of the wheel and are the most likely outcomes for a player to predict.

Expert Mode

French Roulette also features an expert mode that players can use to set bets and place their money on the table quickly. This game has a handy bonus feature that allows players to set up and save their favourite betting layouts down to the finest details. Players can place up to six of these layouts in the saved category to use whenever they please. These layouts can be as detailed as players like and can consist of different chip sizes and positions. This game also gives players the options to add on neighbour bets, which can get the game in full swing in no time. This adds more chips onto the table, as those closest to the ones that players choose also receive a bet. A single bet can have up to eight neighbours, and this can take up a third of the wheel in one bet. Other roulette games you may enjoy include Roulette Diamond Edition, 3D Roulette and European Roulette Gold.

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