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Microgaming has decided to expand their horizons and has brought a new game to the table, quite literally. Microgaming is the leading developer of online casino games, and they have focused on the popular card game Baccarat. This is a game of chance, and we will explain how it works later. Baccarat is one of the more exciting games of chance because anything can happen, you can go from a losing hand to a winning hand in the space of a second. Anything can happen due to the unpredictable nature of the game. Microgaming has produced their fair share of casino and slot games, and you can always expect a superb casino experience when you play their games. It will feel like you are up close and personal with the dealer as you play in the largest casino in the world, the internet. The internet is becoming more and more attractive for casino players because they do not need to leave their homes to have a fantastic casino experience. Baccarat online may seem complicated at first, but when players get to grips and begin to play, they will understand the game very quickly.

How to Play

Baccarat sets up in a very unusual way, as the layout of the table looks very complicated, but it is just telling you the sort of payouts. It is a payout table. Players will be dealt two cards, so will the dealer. The value of the cards will be presented underneath the hand, and it is the second number of the total value that will count. For instance, if the number if 14, the value of your card will be. Players will be aiming to have a higher valued hand than the dealer, and if you do, you will win the game. Cards such as 10, J, Q, A, K are all valued at zero because they are usually a 10 in card games and the second number of the number ten is 0.


This is why the game is so unique because players can decide how they wish to bet and do not have to bet on themselves. This proves that Baccarat is pure chance, and players will need a little bit of luck on their side to win. The three outcomes that players can bet on are the PLAYER, DEALER or TIE. Betting on the player will mean that you need to play to have a higher valued hand than the dealer and vice versa when you bet on the dealer. If players bet on a TIE, then they need both values to be equal, and the payout will be substantially higher. Players can place bets online from £10 to £500 per game, so there is more scope for players to alter their bets.


There are a few different payouts that players can earn when they win when playing. The size of the payout will depend on which outcome you have chosen and the size of your wager. The PLAYER and the BANKER will have a payout of 1:1, which means they will double their wager. If players bet on a tie, the payout will be 8:1, meaning it will be a substantial win if it comes in! If you enjoy online casino games come and check out our review of American Roulette or French Roulette, also brought to you by Microgaming.

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