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European Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of roulette in the UK, and thanks to Tom Horn Gaming, our players now have the chance to take their playing experience to new and exciting heights with Announced Bets European Roulette!

Although its name might be a bit of a mouthful, Announced Bets European Roulette is actually a very simple table game to play. So, even if you’re new to European Roulette or have only played it in land-based casinos rather than online, you can be playing like a pro in next to no time.

Announced Bets European Roulette uses exciting features as well as a beautifully rendered 3D wheel that emulates the experience of a live European Roulette game.

The Announced Bet feature lets you choose from a range of popular call bets like Tiers du Cylindre and Les Voisins du Zero with a range of stake sizes that starts at just 10p.

Plus, this top title from Tom Horn Gaming offers an excellent Return to Player of 97.29%.

The layout of this European Roulette casino game is pretty straightforward

You have the wheel on the far-left and the betting area on the right. The available chip sizes are laid out in a horizontal line along the bottom of the screen and at the top, you have the racetrack containing Tiers due Cylindre, Les Orphelins, and Les Voisins du Zero.

When you’re ready to begin, you simply click on a chip (e.g. 10p or £1) then click on the area of the betting table where you’d like to place it such as Even, Odd, Red, Black or 17.

The settings menu of Announced Bets European Roulette gives you access to a range of features such as Turbo Mode (which spins the wheel and makes the ball come to rest faster), Auto-Rebet (which automatically places your last bet), Dealer Voice, and Play Sounds.

The rules explain how you can place bets on a particular number, a combination of numbers or via categories such as whether the number will be even or odd, or red or black. They also talk you through some of the more complex bet types like Four Bet, Dozen Bet, and Orphans and show you how much each bet potentially pays.

The game also allows you to view Hot and Cold numbers, which are the numbers that have appeared frequently (N.B., Hot) or only occasionally (N.B., Cold). You can use these for your reference or you can choose to place bets on them by selecting Bet All Hot or Bet or Cold.






The racetrack which sits at the top-right of this European Roulette casino game is the easiest way to use the Announced Bets Feature. Simply click on Les Orphelins, Tiers du Cylindre or Les Voisins du Zero to bet on a single number along with one, two or three of its neighbours. For example, an Orphelins bet is a bet on a specific ground of numbers that are neighbours on the wheel but apart on the table layout.

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