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Automatic Roulette Live is a live roulette game by Net Entertainment. We’ve played a lot of online roulette over the years, and the modern live game is beginning to prove a popular way for players to enjoy the game. Many casino developers have started releasing their own versions of the live game, but Net Entertainment arguably has the strongest range of casino games. This is technically a live variant, but there isn’t a live dealer present on this game. Nonetheless, there is a high-quality online roulette game available to play but what exactly makes it worth playing?

Automatic Roulette Live is set up without a dealer, and this is pretty unique. However, it does have a human voice calling out the winners after every round. Net Entertainment has managed to keep things pretty simple but still provide an excellent platform on which you can win big. You can bet into the thousands so that this variant may suit the high rollers most of all. Also, the game follows the European rules so that you won’t find any double zero on the Automatic variant. Pockets are numbered 0-36, and you can place many different inside and outside bets such as a Trio or Basket, a Six Line or a Corner.

The Automatic Roulette Live design is pretty great too, and although there is no live dealer, the game is super simple to play thanks to the simple game interface. The Automatic Roulette Live online game’s players will be able to choose from plenty of differently coloured chips which vary in colour. You can choose from blue, pink, purple, brown and grey options and each chip has a different value when placed on the racetrack.

How to Play

For the complete rules of the Automatic Roulette Live game click the “?” symbol but for this game, you simply have to make a deposit, and then you can enter the game through the casino lobby. The next stage is to decide how much you want to gamble by selecting a betting chip and then you can place the chip on the betting table. Start by choosing an inside bet such as odds or evens to help you familiarise yourself with the game. Then you can try some more risky bets if you wish.

Betting & Payouts

The chips that we described above are valued at 10, 50, 250, 500 & 1000 so pick the chip(s) that fit your budget and then you can begin considering the type of bets you want to place. Inside and outside bets in the Automatic Roulette Live online game will yield different odds so betting odds or evens, for example, will offer odds of 1:1.

Additional Features

Automatic Roulette Live doesn’t have too many bonus features, but there are a couple of things that you can do to enhance your roulette experience. The Automatic Roulette Live gameplay is fully automated, and you can use features such as the “double all bets” to speed up your online roulette experience. You can also adjust the sound settings and video quality so you really can personalise the game if you wish.

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